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2007 銀髮族用藥管理系統 (Medicine Management System for the Elderly)

這個計劃案是從2007年9月進行到2008年的1月,計畫內容來自於台科大使用者導向創新設計課程(User-Oriented Innovative Design: UOID),課程由唐玄輝老師教授(drhhtang)。.系統的目的是協助銀髮族做到自我照護,與醫師建立良好互動,並提醒定時服藥,從自我照護到減輕家人負擔,進而建立銀髮族自信心與健康的維持。本系統從Interaction、Health Care、Family三個面向探討銀髮族需求,進而針對他們真正的需求提出協助記憶、安全服藥、最佳療效、自我照護四項產品特色,借此協助銀髮族達到自信與健康的目的。 特點說明:

  • 透過子機與醫師、醫院電腦系統連結,載入就診相關資訊,銀髮族可再次閱讀醫囑,達到「協助記憶」的功能。
  • 透過主機的攝影機及QR CODE辨識,讀取藥袋上的二維條碼,呈現藥品名稱,用藥資訊、用藥注意事項、以及用藥時間,協助銀髮族「安全服藥」。
  • 可攜式電子藥盒方便攜帶,透過子機定時提醒服藥,讓銀髮族在外出的同時,也能掌握用藥時間,保持藥品「最佳療效」。
  • 母機兼具家中提醒及藥物查詢功能,可透過網路讀取健保局藥品資料庫,協助銀髮族在家中「自我照護」

本計畫於2009年10月獲選為 BraunPrize China 2009 Exhibition 的參展案件,本計畫由國科會2008 營造舒適減壓的睡眠空間 前瞻工程科技之未來性產品概念設計計畫所支援。以下包含照片、期末報告、情境模擬、與介面模擬。

I once asked an aged uncle of mine, how come he got by without taking any medicines in his life. He smirked and told me his secret; he had a bad memory so he simply kneaded all his pills into the roti and ate it! Ok, the joke may be silly but the situation is real, forgetting to take your pills on time is a common problem amongst many elderly people. Hence the Medicine Management System for the Elderly makes perfect sense, it makes them independent. The system is interactive and the electronic pill boxes are super neat!


  • Use touch screen as the interface of medicine query system to simplify process.
  • Scan the bar code to acquire the name and information of medicines.
  • Prompt the elders to take medicine regularly by voice and vibration.
  • Doctors can transmit the information of medical treatment to the electronic pill-box. Patients can read the information from their personal medicine system at home.
  • The electronic pill-box can save the essential information of personal health and medicine, and provide the information for emergency.
  • For Memory Aid , the electronic pill-box can connects to HIS to download the information of medical treatment.
  • For the best curative effect of medicine, the elders can carry the portable electronic pill-box and set the time for reminding to take medicine while going out.
  • For Medicine Safety, the elders can obtain information, notice, and time for the medicine by scanning bar code or QR code on the medicine bag.
  • For self-care at home, the host system includes the functions of reminding to take medicine and for querying medicine database to understand the medicine better.

Designers: Ying-Chien Lin, Yue-Hua Li & Wei-Yin Su Supervisor: Hsien-Hui Tang

This project was conducted from Sep 2007 to Jan 2008 at NTUST, Taiwan, in the course of User-Oriented Innovative Design (UOID). The course was lectured by Hsien-Hui Tang (drhhtang). This system was designed for the elderly to fulfill their in managing medicine. The following slides are the final report, interface simulation, and scenario. This project was selected for BraunPrize China 2009 Exhibition in 2009.10. This project was supported by Taiwan NSC funding entitled 2008 營造舒適減壓的睡眠空間 前瞻工程科技之未來性產品概念設計計畫.

期末發表 / Final Report

[slideshare id=316024&doc=2008jan-1206071295827092-2&w=320]

介面模擬 / Interface Simulation

[slideshare id=392097&doc=2008jan-personalmedicinemanagementsysteminterface-1210155957418464-8&w=320]

情境計畫 / Scenario Planning

[slideshare id=2646819&doc=scenario-movie-2007-uoid-091203234000-phpapp01&w=320]

情境影片 / Scenario Movie