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Hsien-Hui Tang / 唐玄輝
Supervisor, Project Manager, Creative Director


Hung-Ling Chen / 陳虹伶
User Experience Researcher & Designer

2+Experience, GIXIA Industrial Design Intern, 2016 UXD Award Bronze Medal

Pei-Ying Lin / 林佩穎
User Experience Researcher & Designer

3+Experience, beBit UX Design Intern, Acuteideas Industrial Designer, Roolen Industrial Design Intern, 2016 UXD Award Bronze Medal

Zen Chang / 張育涓 
Project Manager

8+Experience, Feversocial Senior Product Lead, Gamania Senior Product Planner, Yahoo! product manager


Sallie Wang / 王紫綺
UX Designer

2+Experience, beBit UX Designer Intern, Afterain Design Studio Designer Intern, Red Dot

Design Concept Best of the Best Award

Tsai Hsin Chih / 蔡炘志
User Experience Researcher & Designer

Albert Lan Creative - Digital & Creative Agency / Assistant Visual Designer

楊采妮_DITL2017MemberPhoto (1 - 2)-2.jpg

Chenny Yang / 楊采妮
User Experience & Visual Designer

1+Experience, Voicetube / UI/UX Designer, ASUS Designer Center UE Team / Intern, Red dot award : Concept design winner

游硯雅_DITL2017MemberPhoto (15 - 20).jpg

Yen-Ya Yu / 游硯雅
User Experience Reacher,Visual Designer

1+Experience,BenQ Lifestyle Design Center Intern

肖易萌_DITL2017MemberPhoto (4 - 20).jpg

Easymoe Xiao/ 肖易萌
User Experience & Visual designer

4+Experience.Songshan Lake Techx institute.

Awakening Network Technology.
Starry Dream Network Technology .

Sabrina Yang / 楊怡馨
User Experience & Product Designer

Bebit / Intern, GIXIA Group / Intern

2016 IF Concept Design Award Winner

王丹陽_DITL2017MemberPhoto (20 - 20).jpg

Danyang Wang / 王丹陽
User Experience & Product Designer

3+Experience.WenZhou University, Department of art & design / Product design Teacher.

Sojoy Co.,Ltd / Visual Designer.

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Tseng Tzu Yu / 曾子祐
User Experience & Product Designer

NetDragon Websoft Inc. Industrial Designer Intern,

2016 James Dyson Award National Runner Up
2016 UXD Award Bronze Medal
2016 Young Pin Design Award Winner

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