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Tone Story

An Mandarin tones self-training APP

for hearing-impaired children.

Designer   Yi-Yu Wang 
Professor  Hsien-Hui Tang

Software Engineer  Syu-Jhih Hong

Language Therapist  Li-Wei  Kao

Technique   Tablet / iOS 5.0 or up



Children with hearing loss are difficult to learn the Mandarin tones by observing  others’ mouths. For those severe hearing-impaired children, their learning effect are more not ideal. Speech therapists are mainly used hand gestures, which suggest the tones ups and downs, to guide them listen out the differences. However, the once a week training lesson still limits the rate of progress. There is a lack of tone training practice materials in current market. Parents at home also need to spend a lot of effort to pay attention to their child's verbal situation.

It's hard for hearing-impaired children adjust their tones through the auditory in learning spoken language. Common problems are insufficient ups and downs of pitch, and two or three sound of Mandarin tones confusing. In addition, the user experience research shows those children cannot be concentrate on learning and feel pressure easily. How to improve the experience of learning tones is the problem we hope to deal with.    



Tone Story是一個以互動繪本形式呈現的訓練教材,以穩定持續的故事朗讀練習,引導聽損兒在反覆聆聽和自我修正下,學習長句子中的不同聲調,以期引發聽損兒的學習興趣,幫助他們自主練習,同時減輕教育者的負擔。

The design idea come from the speech therapists and some parents, they usually use story book to teach hearing-impaired children reading the sentences. Reading not only helps therapists discovering their verbal mistakes, but helps children to build up the understanding of the meaning and grammar that bring benefit to communication. 

Tone Story is an interactive storybook providing stable and continued Mandarin tones training, leading the hearing-impaired children listening the tones in sentences and reading them repeatedly. We hope the story could raise their interest in learning, as well as help them doing self-training to reduce the burden of educators simultaneously.   



UX design in progress.