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How to demo the human computer interaction

There have been so many methods invented to describe the interaction between human and computer and environment. For users, you can use personas, character mapping, and customer journey to describe the process from a user-centered point of view. For computer or designed artifacts, you can use operational process to describe the process from a object-centered point of view. For the interaction between user, object, and environment, you can use service blue print or scenarios to present the complex interaction amongst them from a service-centered point of view. 

The followings are the examples of how users can use the E-CO-FFEE to reuse and recycle the coffee grounds taken from coffee shop. The system covers both users and the assistants.

E-CO-FFEE description / by 黃安聖 & 陸玫玲 2013

E-CO-FFEE Operational Process / by 黃安聖 & 陸玫玲 2013