Hsien-Hui Tang / 唐玄輝

Supervisor, Project Manager, Creative Director.


Lisa Kao / 高建瓴PM/Researcher

2+Experience in the internet industry. 104 UX researcher, lion travel researcher, Insight intern.

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Zen Chang / 張育涓
Project Manager

8+Experience, Feversocial Senior Product Lead, Gamania Senior Product Planner, Yahoo! product manager.


Pei-Ying Lin / 林佩穎
User Experience Researcher & Designer

2+ Experience. beBit UX Design Intern, Yahoo summer Intern. 2016 UXPA China UXD Award Bronze Medal, the Best Popularity Award, the Best Defense Award.



Easymoe Xiao/ 肖易萌
User Experience & Visual designer

4+Experience. Songshan Lake Techx institute. Awakening Network Technology. Starry Dream Network Technology . 2017 UXD Award Bronze Medal.

chin wei  - chin wei chen.jpg

Chinwei Chen/ 陳沁蔚
User Experience Researcher & Designer

4+Experience, TEH LIN prosthetic industrial designer, ISUN product designer.


Hung-Ling Chen / 陳虹伶
User Experience Researcher & Designer

2+Experience, GIXIA Group Industrial Design Intern, CCC Stans Foundation Researcher Intern. 2016 UXD Award Bronze Medal.


Tseng Tzu Yu / 曾子祐
User Experience Reacher,Visual Designer

Tencent MXD Interaction Design Intern, NetDragon Websoft Inc. Industrial Design Intern, 2017 INDEX Design Award National Runner Up 2016 UXD Award Bronze Medal, Young Pin Design Award Winner.

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Tsai Hsin Chih / 蔡炘志
User Experience Researcher & Designer

2+Experience, Chinese Consumer Center Intern, Albert Lan Digital & Creative Agency Assistant Visual Designer.


Yen-Ya Yu / 游硯雅
User Experience Reacher,Visual Designer

1+Experience, BenQ Lifestyle Design Center Intern.


Chenny Yang / 楊采妮
User Experience & Visual Designer

2+Experience, Tencent SNG Intern, Voicetube UIUX Designer, ASUS Design Center Intern. 2016 Red dot Concept design winner.


Sabrina Yang / 楊怡馨 
User Experience & Product Designer

Bebit / UX Design Intern, GIXIA Group / Product Design Intern, Stans Foundation Chinese Consumer Center / Design Intern, 2016 IF Concept Design Award Winner.



Danyang Wang / 王丹陽 
User Experience & Product Designer

3+Experience. CAA / Product design Teacher (Intern). WenZhou University, Department of art & design / Product design Teacher. Sojoy Co.,Ltd / Visual Designer. CCC / Researcher (Intern).

 Omi Lee / 李婷玉 Web & Visual Designer 8+Experience, Shuttle GUI Designer, Akacia System Senior Designer, Focus Design Web Designer

Sallie Wang / 王紫綺
UX Designer

2+Experience, Yahoo! UX Design Intern, beBit UX Design Intern. 2015 Red Dot Design Concept Award: Best of the Best.

vivi形象照05 - 賴欣宜.png

Vivi Lai/賴欣宜
UX Designer

10+Experience, BIOSTAR R&D Dept. GUI Designer, KRC GUI Team Lead, Shuttle User Interaction Design Dept. UI Designer, Researcher at 2017 UXD Award. 2017 UXD Award Bronze Medal.

知芸 - Chih Yun Li.jpg

Alison Li/李知芸
UX Designer

1+Experience, UXI Design Intern, CoGood Design Intern.

知芸 - Chih Yun Li.jpg

Min Hong/洪仕閔
UX Designer

1+Experience. iChef Product Intern, S.Point Design Strategy Intern. 2017 UXD Award Bronze Medal.

iriss - 鄭靖薰.jpg

Iris Cheng/鄭靖薰
UX Designer

1+Experience, AverMedia UI Designer, Acer Industrial Design Intern. 2017 China UXD Award Bronze Medal .