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New Design tablet concept

Designit has developed a concept for a new tablet aiming to make life and householding easier for families by structuring communication and task management in a smart and simple device.

Its distinctive design has a four-dimensional focus: social, device utility, task management, and connectivity. The social dimension manifests itself in the tablet’s inclusive physical form as it enables a unique social sharing experience, in ways not possible on a TV, laptop or smart phone - instead the tablet manages to join the features of these devices.

Optimal utility is based on a social context and all the household activities we do every day. It simply adapts itself to the various needs and activities in everyday household situations. The user interface centers around task management, and is based on the concept of a timeline, acting as the common factor that links the device experience.

Our tablet is created in a social media context where family members communicate on various platforms, and it functions as the new backbone of family communication and home management.



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